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$6,987.00 raised
GOAL: $10,000.00

Thank you for signing our open letter to Norway, asking them to get their money out of offshore detention camps.

In order to get the open letter in front of as many Norwegians as possible, we are running a #DearNorway social media campaign. Norway's total population is just over 5 million people. 

On Facebook, 

  • a $25 donation will help get the open letter seen by 100-1,200 Norwegians
  • a $50 donation will help 2,500-7,000 see the open letter
  • a $100 donation will help get the open letter in front 5000-14,000 Norwegians 
  • a very generous $1000 donation could see the open letter reach 43,000-110,000 Norwegians

Thank you! We have reached our $5,000 target, which means we can make sure our open letter reaches close to one in ten Norwegians on Facebook.

If we raise $20,000, we can even take out digital ads or a full page ad promoting the open letter in a major Norwegian daily newspaper.


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